Junior Members' Training Program

Building on the success of last year's program, Orange Flight Training's CFI Bryan Clements ran the course again in 2018. This was a smaller group of students - eight in all, and it also ran later in the year, which had outdoor activities running in daylight!

Any thoughts of running the course again in 2020 were abandoned with the advent of Covid-19 pandemic, and all the restrictions imposed as a result of that. Perhaps next year?

The aim of the course was to foster and encourage young people with an interest in some aspect of aviation, by providing them with a basic overview of some aviation topics. These included:

  • Airframes
  • Operation of Controls
  • Forces on an aircraft in flight
  • Airport safety
  • Engines and systems
  • Communications
  • Navigation Techniques
  • Time and Time Zones
  • Meteorology and Cloud types

The group also had a behind the scenes look into the operation of the Terminal, courtesy of Luke Kelly, took a Trial Instructional Flight in a Jabiru 160 aircraft, and had some fun with some outdoor navigation exercises.

The photos below show some of trainees in a selection of the activities.